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Skycare Compounding Labs is a leading Drug Preparation Premises, with full accreditation from the Ontario College of Pharmacists.


Serving a range of healthcare partners.

Skycare Compounding Labs proudly collaborates with various healthcare sectors to enhance patient care and treatment outcomes. Our collaborations span across multiple areas, including:


Our comprehensive suite of medication solutions caters to the diverse needs of hospital care. This includes a wide range of services such as:
Custom Compounding:
  • including IV admixtures, custom dosage forms, intravenous infusions, and parenteral injections, ​​ including intrathecal injections, enteral therapy, and more.
Critical Care Compounds:
  • Tailored products for intensive care, offering therapies across antibiotic, antifungal, and antiviral needs, along with pain management and nutritional support.
Consultation Services:
  • Leveraging over 35 years of experience, our expert team provides pharmacological advice to assist in developing effective, safe, and cost-efficient medication therapy management for client hospitals.
Emergency Medicine Preparations:
  • Rapid compounding for urgent care scenarios, with fast turn-around time ensuring timely medication delivery.


In our Dentistry sector, we focus on providing customized compounding solutions to meet the unique needs of dental care. Our services include:
Dental-specific Compounds:
  • Ranging from topical anesthetics to specialized treatment formulations.
Unique Formulations:
  • Customized medications for diverse dental procedures, enhancing patient comfort and addressing specific practitioner needs.
Quality and Compliance:
  • Commitment to meeting strict regulatory standards for dental care compounds, ensuring safety and efficacy.


We provide advanced compounding solutions tailored to pharmacy needs, enhancing both patient care and operations.
Streamlined Invoice-Based Services:
  • Direct invoicing and comprehensive reports enhance confidentiality and service efficiency.
Compounding Outsourcing Solutions:
  • Simplifies your workflow by reducing in-house compounding needs and central-fill reliance.
Exclusive Specialty Compounds:
  • Offers unique formulations not available commercially, including a range of sterile and non-sterile options.
Unparalleled Quality Assurance:
  • Adherence to the highest standards, supported by in-house quality control and rapid sterility testing exclusive to Canada.
Enhanced Patient Experience Support:
  • Supplies detailed patient materials and counseling tips to improve medication understanding and adherence.
Efficient Supply Chain Management:
  • Ensures a reliable, continuous supply chain for uninterrupted service delivery.


We're dedicated to supporting a wide array of clinic specialties with our compounding services, enhancing treatment options across various medical fields.
Broad Specialty Support:
  • Offering compounds for dermatology, pain management, sports medicine, pediatric care, women’s health, and mental health clinics, tailored to specific patient and practitioner needs.
Advanced Therapeutic Formulations:
  • Developing precise, specialty-specific formulations, including topicals, injectables, and oral medications, to improve therapeutic outcomes.
Enhanced Patient Resources:
  • Providing educational materials and compliance aids to support patient understanding and adherence.
Unparalleled Quality Standards:
  • Ensuring all compounds meet the highest safety and efficacy criteria, backed by comprehensive quality control measures.
about us

A reliable partner at any scale.

Advanced Cleanroom Technology

Our facility is equipped with cutting-edge cleanroom technology, ensuring optimal sterility and meticulous control over contamination. This environment is critical for producing compounds of the highest purity and safety.

Latest Compounding Equipment and Techniques

We employ the most recent advancements in compounding equipment and techniques. This allows us to enhance our service range, improve efficiency, and ensure precision in every compound we produce.

In-house Microbiology Suite

With a Health Canada-registered microbiology lab, we maintain an unwavering commitment to quality. Our laboratory specializes in meticulous microbial testing to guarantee the safety and effectiveness of our compounded products.

Scalable Capacity

The size and sophistication of our facility provide a scalable production capacity, ready to meet the rapidly growing and diverse needs of the healthcare sector.

State-of-the-Art Software and Systems

Utilizing advanced software and systems, we streamline our processes from formulation to delivery, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and traceability in every step of our operations.

Our Experienced, Dedicated Team

The cornerstone of our facility is our team of highly skilled professionals, whose extensive training and diverse expertise are integral to our operations.

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